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Raising a family in Destin Florida

Destin FL Nathan Abbott January 26, 2021

The Emerald Coast is a beautiful, safe place to raise your family.

There’s only one word to describe raising a family in the Destin-Santa Rosa Beach area: awesome! This is an incredible place to raise your children. I was born and raised here myself, and I have so many amazing memories of enjoying the coastal lifestyle with my family. Although, back then, many things were different; it was hardly developed, and there weren’t many people here. It was like a magical paradise that no one knew about.

Now, we’re truly on the map and I feel like the area is just as special as it was back in the day. There are all kinds of restaurants, entertainment, and family activities up and down our coastline. One of our favorite things is going to Topsail State Park, where you can enjoy biking trails, and hiking down the coastal dune lakes out to the Gulf. North of here, there are amazing, spring-fed areas for swimming and kayaking. Our family loves to go out on the boat and watch the sunset.

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