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Ft. Walton beach


Eglin Reservation- East

This is a Florida bike trail that goes through the Eglin Reservation, which is a nature preserve including 42,000 acres of the Nokuse Planation and portions of the Eglin Air Force Military Reservation. It’s important that bikers make note of the fact that they will need an Eglin Recreational pass to enjoy Elgin Reservation- East.

Address: Niceville, FL 32578



Scenic Highway 98

This is the perfect bicycle route for those who are looking for coastal views and sea breezes. Located in Walton County, Scenic Highway 98 offers a paved path that’s comfortably traversed by bikers and joggers alike. Scenic Highway 98 goes by Miramar Beach, where bikers can catch sight of surfers catching breaking waves just off shore.

Address: 2584 Scenic Hwy 98

Santa Rosa Beach


Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

This bicycle route allows riders to explore 1,600 acres of undeveloped swampland in Florida. The pristine cypress swamps of Topsail Hill Preserve State Park feature bike trails that wander over sand dunes and coastal lakes. Among some of the most astounding sights of this ride are sand dunes that reach a height of 25 feet.

Address: 7525 W. Scenic Highway 30A Santa Rosa Beach FL 32459


Timpoochee Trail

This is a very popular trail that sometimes gets crowded. However, it’s easy to see why everyone wants to explore the Timpoochee Trail. This trail is located in South Walton and was named after an influential Indian chief from the area. It is a paved multi-purpose path, and it explores 12 different communities located along the beach and along Scenic Highway 30A.


Grayton Beach State Park

If you’re looking for a bike ride that offers pristine landscapes as well as areas to take a break for a picnic meal, Grayton Beach State Park is perfect. You’ll get a chance to see all kinds of wildlife- especially do some bird watching- on this Florida bike trail. Grayton Beach State Park has two different trails- the Western Lake Loop ad the Flatwoods Trail- and these trails can be accessed from Scenic Highway 30A at the main entrance of the park.

Address: 357 Main Park Rd Santa Rosa Beach FL 32459


Point Washington State Forest

There are many different bike trails that wind their way through Point Washington State Forest. Some options include Middle Trail, the Red Loop, the Orange Loop, and Longleaf Greenway Western Trail. All of these trails together showcase the beautiful 15,000 acres of state forest land that make up Point Washington State Forest.

Address: 5865 East U.S. Highway 98 Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459


Deer Lake State Park

Also a coastal location, Deer Lake State Park is located along a dune lake where diverse flora and fauna proliferates. Check out the wildflowers growing along the shores of the coastal dune lake, and you’ll spot some exotic bird life and butterflies. Like Grayton Beach State Park, Deer Lake State Park is also located along Scenic Highway 30A, and the trail can be found right at the main entrance to the park.

Address: 6350 E County Road 30-A Santa Rosa FL 32459


Alys Beach Nature Trail

Take advantage of the peace and quiet of a secluded natural getaway at Alys Beach Nature Trail. This nature trail is found in the north of the Alys Beach area, and the trail explores 20 acres of land featuring attractions like an elevated boardwalk, cypress trees, wildflowers, and more. One of the most exotic things to see at Alys Beach Nature Trail is that pitcher plants. These carnivorous plants eat insects that suffer the misfortune of falling into their tubelike leaves.

Address: 140 Charles Street Alys Beach, FL 32461


Watersound Trail

This trails serves as a connection between the Conservation Park area and the Watersound Origins neighborhood that’s found in Walton County. Watersound Trail stretches a total of five miles altogether. The trail makes for a fairly easy, slow paced ride that allows bikers to explore both nature and community in the area.

Address: 530 Pathways Drive Watersound, FL 32461


Kellogg Nature Center

This is a short and easy nature trail located on 10 acres of land in Walton County. The Kellogg Nature Center can be found on East Nursery Road in Santa Rosa Beach. The trail is great for both biking and doing some bird watching, as diverse flora and fauna makes its home in the area.


Greenway Trails

Greenway Trails are not just for biking, but for hiking and jogging as well. The trays are found in the Town Center Government Education Complex in Santa Rosa Beach. Bikers are charmed with the timber bridges that span creeks that dot the wetlands terrain. Greenway Trails are wheelchair accessible, and there is a dog park nearby that makes this destination great for enjoying with canine companions.


Eden Gardens State Park

The land on which Eden Gardens State Park is located was in previous times the residence of the lumber baron William Henry Wesley. Those who make an outing to Eden Gardens State Park can not only enjoy exploring nature, but also history at the Wesley Mansion. The charming landscape includes manicured grounds with ancient oaks and flowers like camellias and azaleas.

Address: 181 Eden Gardens Road Santa Rosa Beach FL 32459



Bay Loop

This trail is found on Choctawhatchee Bay in Freeport. The Bay Loop is a good choice for bikers and joggers alike. Explore history by getting some great sights of the Freeport shipyard. The Bay Loop trail explores pine forests and the creeks that flow over the land as well as the Choctawhatchee Bay area.



Nokuse Plantation

The Nokuse Plantation is dedicated to preserving and conserving natural Federal and State Lands. This Northwest Florida destination includes a diverse variety of habitats like freshwater communities and wetlands. Bikers are sure to catch sight of some exotic wildlife when exploring the Nokuse Plantation.

Address: 13292 Co Hwy 3280, Bruce, FL 32455

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