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Emerald Coast Locals Merge Iconic Brands to Form Abbott Martin Group

Best Emerald Coast Real Estate Team Nathan Abbott February 4, 2022

By David Thompson Realty Today

Abbott and Martin. Over the years, these two names have become nearly synonymous with the Emerald Coast of Florida. In fact, Nathan Abbott's family began creating a legacy of real estate in Destin since before it was even officially incorporated as a municipality, with his grandfather being one of the first Realtors in the area. This coastline was also home to Tristan (TJ) Martin, who grew up in Pensacola. As real estate runs in Nathan Abbott's blood, construction runs in TJ's, as his family history involves generations of construction experience.

Separately, these two men established themselves in their community as outstanding businessmen, and found success in their own fields. For TJ, this meant overseeing countless homes through the sales, designing, and building stages. For Nathan, it meant logging in nearly twenty years of real estate experience, increasing his company's sales production to the point where they're now numbered in the top 1% of real estate teams nationwide. Although these men have both seen incredible success in their careers, it seems that they might be about to open floodgates of new opportunities. These two "Emerald Coast" icons have decided to merge their brands into a single, enhanced company, the Abbott Martin Group.

A large part of TJ's career involved working with developers in new home construction sales, who both benefited from his outstanding sales and management skills. He was recognized as a leader in sales throughout the Florida Panhandle and won numerous awards for highest sales, highest dollar volume, and achieved agent of the year in 2015. TJ delivers the same synergy in residential and resort real estate sales and continues to be a top producer and provide record-breaking sales throughout the Emerald Coast.

A short distance away, Nathan Abbott was also racking up his own list of achievements. Throughout the 1980's and 1990's, his family's company, Abbott Realty Services, was the top employer in Northwest Florida. Nathan carried on the family legacy by plunging headfirst into the business right after his graduation from Florida State University in 2001, and received the Rookie of the Year award in his first year of real estate, which celebrated his excellence in sales and customer service. He continued to build his company, ghand now has achieved close to $1 billion in career sales. Multiple national publications have printed features on him, and his real estate business was ranked within INC 5000's list of fastest growing companies nationally out of all industries in 2020 and 2021.

In 2017, TJ and Nathan combined forces and shared a vision to launch a joint venture, specializing in developer consultation, new home and resort sales. In 2022, they further broadened their horizons and created a partnership from the top and launched The Abbott Martin Group | eXp Realty. This merger has set the company in a position to help anyone with any sort of real estate situation. While they operate in land acquisition, residential, and investment resort properties, they also are a one stop shop for developers. The Abbott Martin Group is able to assist with the developing process from a first look at the soil through the construction and selling phases. They currently own offices in both Pensacola and Miramar Beach and have successfully launched and sold out multiple new construction communities by providing developers with new land opportunities, top performing sales teams, and consultation from the ground up. They have many new developments on the horizon coming to the market, throughout the Florida Panhandle. While it's true that the Abbott Martin Group has outstanding records in customer service and experience, there's another attribute that sets them apart from most of the other real estate companies in Destin and Pensacola: they were born and raised in the area they currently service.

The Emerald Coast has had a population explosion over the last few decades, and with this rise in population, naturally there has been an increase in local businesses and services. Before this, the area along this coastline was mainly known as a great place for world class fishing, but not much else. It's for this reason that finding a Realtor that was raised there is nearly impossible. Nathan and TJ are professionals in their business, and, just as importantly, are locally connected in a way that almost no one else is. Being on a first name basis with the owners of most local establishments, and going on fishing trips with the mayor may not seem like it has anything to do with real estate, but for any customer who truly wants to understand the heart of the area, it is clear that it has everything to do with real estate. Every transaction is more than just properties changing hands, it is Nathan and TJ sharing a part of their own community with consistently satisfied customers. There's no doubt that this is part of what makes The Abbott Martin Group so successful. And success is most definitely the word to use, as their company was involved with $320 million in real estate transactions in just 2021 alone.

Along with the unique ability to show customers a side of the Emerald Coast that most others couldn't, this local connection has also instilled in these two men the drive to give back to their community by supporting their local businesses, and preserving the natural beauty of their hometowns. The Abbott Martin Group consistently prove that they believe in going above and beyond when it comes to anything along the 150 miles of coastline that they service.

"We have a huge passion for real estate," Nathan says, "but a bigger one for connecting people to this coastline from a true native's perspective. We'd be honored to be your true local connection for everything Emerald Coast."

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